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 Ryan's Russia: Comrade Cowboy 


Bloomberg Business

Host Ryan Chilcote asks if the next frontier for American cowboys is to be found in Russia. Darrell Stevenson certainly thinks so and is betting his ranch that moving his herd to Russia will open up new pastures to him.

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 Feed the Flame: Kazakhstan 

Is Horse Meat the Secret to Kazakhstan's Boxing Success?

VICE / The International Olympic Committee

A first-hand taste of the unusual diets and traditional cuisines of some of the world’s most successful Olympians. Explore how Kazakhstan built a powerhouse boxing program and the role that traditional horse meat plays in fueling their success.

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Raising Puerto Rico 

Lions Club Magazine

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the Lions Clubs of Puerto Rico played an important role in the relief effort.

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Marinna Mori: Cowgirl Poet 


National Geographic

At age 10, Nevada cowgirl Marinna Mori became one of the youngest performers ever at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, held in Elko, Nevada. 

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The Story of a Steak 


National Geographic

The same cut of beef (ribeye) at the same Russian steakhouse, but served five years apart. The differences between the two says a lot about the Russian Federation's effort to solve a major food security problem. Go on a journey from pasture to plate, and back again.

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Phone on the Range 

Western Horseman

As more Westerners use smartphones, social media is narrowing digital and cultural divides affecting American society.

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